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How to switch to ACR from LR

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Hi - My current workflow is to load images into LR catalog, using their tools to cull through and select the images for editing.  I then do the RAW processing as I learned in the "old" RAW class.  I then jump into Photoshop to do any necessary work and back to LR to have them all saved there and then export, etc from there as needed and required.

I have been reviewing the new RAW class material and following along with new edits I need help with . . . my question is I understand that the RAW class will help me process once I get there but I need help in understanding the workflow from images on the card to the point of ready to process in ACR.  Do you have a tutorial on that?  Seriously it took me a chunk of time on google to even figure out how to open an image in ACR and it's so putsy that there has to be easier way.


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