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scroll arrows missing on content pane in Bridge

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Hi Damien

I've had this issue for ages, possibly forever since using Bridge, but work around it - however it's irritating so thought I would ask if it can be fixed. 

My content panel that displays the image thumbnails has a scroll bar and it has a slider that I can pull up or down, but it doesn't have arrows on either the top or the bottom of the scroll bar. I can pull down the slider down or up but that jumps in random (usually way too big) increments. I want to be able to go up or down with more control as I file by date. I know that I can click on one photo and then use the arrows, but i'm wondering why there isn't an arrow, as that would be easier when I'm using filters so I don't have to keep clicking on an image again when the filter changes.

If it can be fixed, I'd appreciate any tips! 



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