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Epson printer won’t accept non genuine ink

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Hi Brian, hopefully this is the right location for this question.,,

I have a cheap but reasonably new epson XP 5100 - I’ve been running non genuine ink always. 
it won’t accept the new cartridges (except the black one)  all the same as I’ve always used. Have pulled them out and refitted many times - they’re in properly.  
Been reading that epson firmware updates causes this  - should I just trash it? I’m not spending the money buying genuine ink - I’d rather get a new one as this has had blocked jets.



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Awesome!!! That's PERFECT.

I see you use the "u" in color. Or colour for you. :) What part of the world do you live? I want to get you links for your region. But here is the jist of what we are going after:

Ditch your printer. A B&W Laser Printer is what you want. Seriously.

"But isn't that expensive?"

Up front, it might seem that way, but in the long run, the cost per page is pennies compared to a inkjet printer. Why? For the sole reason: Those stupid Ink Cartridges.  It's like a razor, make a little money on the handle, and a BOATLOAD of money on the disposable razor blades.

While a $89 printer might seem like a "Deal" that provides huge savings, forking out $150 or more every 3-4 months gets to be expensive. Which then forces people to buy Generic Ink Cartridges to save a little bit of money. So call that $100-ish...which still adds up. So even though a Toner Cartridge might seem "Expensive," it never dries out and lasts A LOT longer than any Ink Cartridge." Usually around 1500 pages or so. Well, with the exception of the one you get with the printer, which is just a "Starter Cartridge." So your 2nd Toner Cartridge will come sooner rather than later, but still lasts A LOT longer than the set of Ink Cartridges that you will buy. Understand?

To illustrate: I have personally installed a total of 2 Toner Cartridges since 2005. Yep, T-W-O in almost 20 years. Again, Toner doesn't dry out. It should last more than 1000 pages and a case of paper is 2000 pages. If you leave your printer sit for 6 months not doing anything, guess what? It's fine. :D In fact, every one of my friends who I got to switch over have all said the same thing: "...why did I not do this sooner? OMG! I would have purchased three sets of ink cartridges by now!! I also don't really miss the color either." (These are usually from homeschooling Moms.)

The other benefit to today's Laser Printers, is that they can be printed to from all sorts of devices, from Smart Phones to being hooked up to your network and ALL of the computers in the house will be able to print to it, you just have to set things up. Not hard, there is a process and I can walk your thought things. The only thing that I recommend, is you do not buy a WiFi Printer. Those suckers are a real PAIN-IN-THE-ARSE to keep connected. I hate-hate-hate WiFi Laser Printers. HATE THEM. A hardwired Ethernet Laser Printer is the way to go. So if you have the option of putting it next to your switch/router, we can connect things there. Or let me know how you are connected now / how your office or computer area is setup.

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Okay sounds really good, especially the never drying out part. Surprising about the wifi printing too.  

So I’m on a farm in South Australia - can’t get broad band internet - I have a wireless modem perched near a window placed centrally in the house so both ends of the house can get a signal. Not great speed but we can stream Netflix etc.

Nowhere to put a printer where the modem is currently located but I’ll experiment today to see if it works near my desk which is located in end of our living area.

I also have a range extender that used to work but it’s  in a drawer somewhere that was in the too lazy/ too hard basket when I changed internet providers and got better signal strength. 

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It's just when the printer goes to sleep, it shuts off the WiFi. Then you spend 5-10 minutes trying to convince the damn thing to connect. Then when you do connect, it seems that print jobs take forever to print, even though the printer prints at 42 pages per minute.

54 minutes ago, Banksiagirl said:

I have a wireless modem perched near a window placed centrally in the house so both ends of the house can get a signal. Not great speed but we can stream Netflix etc.

Are there any Ethernet Ports on the back of your Modem in the Window? We just need one, then it's a simple matter of buying a 4 Port Ethernet Switch. You can get something like a 50 foot Ethernet Cable if you need to.

I just checked your Amazon in OZ. Boy, the pickings are slim there. Ours literally has everything from A to Z. The Australian version, notsomuch. So you are going to have to buy direct from HP in Australia, and here is the printer I am recommending for you, the HP LaserJet Pro M404dn. You need a HP CF258A or HP CF258X replacement toner for it; the difference between the two is the 58A prints approximately 3000 pages and the "X," which stands for "Extra" (or high-yield) prints more, at around 10,000 pages. Yep...you read that correctly. Approximately 10,000 pages on one toner cartridge that never dries out. Of course, everything is either more expensive in OZ, or just isn't available. Even if you go with something like a small Brother Laser Printer, just make sure you have access to Toner as well.

Where do you look for electronics and office supplies? Maybe we should start there. This is going to be tough getting you something. If you were in the States, you could go down the street 10 minutes away and buy one. LOL!! Man, I'm so spoiled.

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We’ll I definitely don’t want to be dealing with all the messing around and then slow print speed !

The modem has several LAN ports so I’m ok there.

Yes, you are very spoilt in the US with supply and cost, gets frustrating, there’s ways round it I’m told but I’d rather keep things simple.

That printer looks excellent but oh the toner is pricy.   $276.61 and $474.34 from Amazon,   $230 & $482 from HP

I use JB Infotec,  he’s a friend and I buy my big items from him.  He supplied the toner for my old laser printer /fax I had years ago. He looks after the business where I used to work.  Other than him I’d buy on line from office works, Amazon on EBay.  There’s a good business 100km - they doesn’t sell HP. 

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Wow. Here in the states the 58A is just under $117 and generics are around $70. That's A$174.20.

I just checked Officeworks, which is like our "Office Depot." :)  It seems that HP has changed some of the numbers for the Toner Cartridge, and the one for the printer that I'm recommending is a bit cheaper. Here is the HP LaserJet Pro M404dw Mono SFP, and even though it's a Wireless Printer, it does have an Ethernet Port, along with a USB Port. You can always shut off the WiFi option in the settings, it's pretty easy to do. Or you could try WiFi and see how things work. Here is the Toner Cartridge that goes with it: HP LaserJet Toner Cartridge Black 76A.

We could go to a lower-end model. Since I repair these things, I tend to lean towards the more "Beefier" models that I don't have to worry about, but there are cheaper options, like Brother. The thing with Brother Laser Printers, they work well until they break...then you get rid of them and buy a new printer. Why? Because the main parts that go bad cost $20 less than a whole new printer. For example, there is a component in the Laser Printers that is known as a Fuser. The Fuser bonds the Toner to the paper as there is a Heat Roller and a Pressure Roller. Well, one of these rollers has a Teflon Coating that wears out over time requiring replacement. When it comes to Brother's Fusers, a whole new Printer is $299 and a replacement Fuser is $279...it's ridiculous. SMDH. We live in such a throw-away society.

I have had decent experience with this Brother Laser: Brother Wireless Mono Laser Printer HL-L5200DW and here is the Toner Cartridge to go with it: Brother TN 3440 Toner Cartridge Black. Wow...Toner Cartridges are EXPENSIVE in Australia. But again, they don't dry out and last a while. That Brother Toner lasts for 8000 pages. Like the HP that I just linked to, this Brother can use Ethernet and have the WiFi shut off and it also has a USB Port. 

For even less money, here is one option: Brother Wireless Mono Laser Printer HL-L2305W and the Toner that goes with it, Brother TN 2330 Toner Cartridge Black. There is also this HP Laser Printer, the HP+ LaserJet Printer M110we and the W1410A Toner Cartridge, which is probably more in your price range. Unless you have a huge desire to directly print from your iPhone, which it does not have AirPrint, the HP M110we is very small (it's so little) and would probably be the one that takes up the least amount of room.

So those are the ones I'd buy. It's up to your budget at this point.


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Thanks for all the information Brian, I appreciate your help.  Bed time here - I’ll check them out properly tomorrow. 
What’s your opinion about non genuine toners? Risky ? Seeing the huge capacity and life of the cartridges don’t mind paying for genuine if you think the non genuine create more problems.



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Personally, I have the least amount of problems with Genuine OEM Toner Cartridges. With refurbished Toner, they just put more Toner in and clean them up, but there are other existing parts that do not get replaced and they do wear out. (image Drums, Charge Rollers, etc.) I can see the reasons for businesses to get Generic Toner, it is a cost savings, but for your 1st one, I’d get a OEM and see how long that lasts for you. 

How much are you printing each day / month? I have printers that fill up 2000 page bins at 8AM and then again at 2PM 6 Days a week  if you are only printing a few hundred each month, or less…you aren’t going to be buying another Toner for at least a few years. In that time, how many ink modules would you go through? 

Remember, you will have one in the box for your printer. They are usually starter cartridges bust still will last a lot longer than any ink cartridge. So unless you are printing hundreds of sheets per day, or more, it’s not going to be a big issue. Like I’ve said, I have replaced TWO Toner Cartridges since 2005, but I don’t print much. Well, thinking about it, this number might be 3 as I had a different laser printer back then. 

The hardest part about buying a Laser Printer is the initial purchase, it’s expensive. I get it. But the alternative is to buy another cheap inkjet printer and deal with the ink cartridges. In the end, you will spend more money and this is intentional. 

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I print about 30 pages a week unless I’m doing my business accounting when I’d print say 60 pages every 3 months.  I don’t want to deal with the ink cartridges, laser sounds much better and I’ll go genuine to save potential trouble.

I do want a scanner though, I use it often. Can you recommend a multi function mono laser printer? If not I’ll go with the first one you recommended the HP laser jet pro m404dn
These two multi function lasers are available locally  - what do you think?  



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I am a huge proponent of “Buy it Right - Buy it Once.” I’m not liking those new HP Printers. Need to be hooked up to the Internet 100% of the time and are just cheap shitty plastic. If you get a MFP that’s only a few hundred, don’t come in here complaining when it breaks. ;) You get what you pay for.

Personally, I’d get the 404 Printer with the Copier / ADF Option:

LaserJet Pro M428 FDN

The F D and N stands for Fax, Duplex and Network. Basically HP took the printer I recommended and slapped a touchscreen and Copier/ Scanner on it. :) 

I know it’s quite a bit more money, but I hate wasting money on this shit. It does you no good buying something and having it break in 6 months only to toss it. 

If you are really looking to save money, the Brother MFPs would be something to research and for a decent MFP, your budget should be at least $500. Or more. 

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21 hours ago, Damien Symonds said:

I've found that Brother laser printers don't have a very long life.  I'm caught in a loop with mine, buying new parts for it.  I probably would have been wiser just to replace it.

I know how you feel about that  I’ve got 2 different model crappy Epson printers and heaps of spare ink cartridges for both sick of spending good money after bad.

I’m going to throw them all out.
thanks for the Brother feed back.  

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It's the same here in the States. The cost for parts is just shy of a whole Brand New Printer! The issue is, as time goes on, the quality goes down. You can physically feel the difference between a brand new model today and one from say 3-5 years ago, let alone 10+ years ago! I'm no fan of Brother's stuff but unfortunately, it seems your choices are lacking and Xerox (and I'm a Certified Xerox Tech) just piss me off. Those suckers are hyper when it comes to Toner and Ink. I've had very expensive printers flat out not work because they think the wrong Toner is installed and it just had a "Brain-Fart." In fact, I've had to reprogram a printer at least 3 times for this issue. Bah! Stupid Xerox.

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