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2022 lost all settings when installed 2023

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I got a new MacBook Pro with M2 Pro chip.  When I installed PS 2023, I lost all my settings in 2022.  I always keep the previous version (in fact I have 2022, 2021, 2020 & 2019).  2021-2019 kept their settings but 2022 reset totally to default. Yes I am a bit overkill but I actually was able to use 2019 (none of the other vs would work) to get one filter to work in 2023--don't ask!!   The settings went into 2023 (except for some of the filters which I am working on individually).  Some filters are claiming it is the M2 chip but funny they are still in the 2019 and work!!

Why would 2022 reset and not the others (thank goodness)? and what is the easy way to put them back into 2022?  I googled and tried some things but nothing worked.  If it is long and complicated I'll call adobe which is on my to do list but thought would ask here first. 

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There's a faint possibility that this is just an unfortunate coincidence, rather than an M2 problem.  Photoshop has a long-established habit of just losing its settings occasionally, for no reason.

But you're right, it does seem more likely that it's an M2 thing.  Just add it to the long list of "M2 things".

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