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So I save two files from the one  original PSD file... One is with no editing and saved at it's original form and the second one is really the original file that gets saved with my recipe on it? I really can't wait for this answer cause I'm working on a set of photos and need to do it right the first time. I have been working from one single file and making it a JPEG.  So that means I no longer have the original at it's purest right? It's already transformed and I can't get it back like it was straight out of camera?  The reason I am wondering is because I would love to go back and start over with the sharpening and do it your way.  I been doing it in ACR. And I been saving the file wrong to.  Does this mean all my past photos are trash and I can't reedit them?

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I'm hoping I can save my photos. The ones I already screwed up with the wrong sizing.  or are they set in stone. I'm talking about the saved PSD not the JPEG.  I was saving two photos the PSD edited and a JPEG for printing. 

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