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Help on what to delete to make room on computer!

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Hi Brian! I posted this originally to ask Damien on facebook and he sent me your way :)

 I am needing to delete quite a bit on my computer to make space to download some upgrades and I don't even know where to START. I've started with clearing up my desktop, emptying the recycling bin, doing the basics. 
I did research online but its over my head - I don't know honestly what any of the stuff means when I go into my drives, everything seems coded or shorthand for stuff lol and I have no idea what IS and ISNT ok to delete and I know for sure with my luck, I'd end up deleting something super important. 
Can I get some help breaking down specifics on what to delete? I know there is stuff that probably just doesnt need to be on here but im paranoid. Or do I need to find someone who works on computers and have them come to my house to help me know what and what not to delete? Thank You so much for any help you can provide! <3

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First, fill this out and posts the results here in this thread. I want to see what we are up against.

Details about your Computer's Health.

Second, have you ever heard of Glary Utilities? Damien has a small write-up that's worth checking out. This program will do the cleaning for you and is quite handy. Not to mention FREE.

Glary 101

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I have a PC desktop running Eg Windows 10, Catalina, etc. and Photoshop CC 2019. It is over 2 years old, and has 12.0 GB (11.8 GB usable)GB of RAM. Its hard drive has 44.7GB free out of 237GB. The last time I shut down was more than 2 days ago. I have never run a cleanup program.


I have never heard of that before but Im going to pull it up and look at it - thank you! Posted the results from my computer above!

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Yeah, your problem is not only do you have 44.7GB Free space, the main issue is you have a microscopic HD to begin with! A 250GB HD (after formatting becomes 237GB,) is meant for "General Computing" and not Photoshop. With a HD that small, you need to be hyper-anal on what is installed on that drive, and any other project or data that is not the current one you are working on needs to be moved to an external. Plus, your RAM is only 12GB, which is on the small side for today's modern Photoshop. With "11.8 usable," sounds like the Video Card is taking a little chunk of the RAM in order to work, which is not ideal for Photoshop...at all. I'm guessing that you have a Windows Laptop?

Photoshop is becoming a BEAST with all of its new AI Features so your Hardware Performance is questionable at best. I would highly recommend NOT updating PS CC to new versions going forward, (i.e. PS CC 23 --> PS CC 24.) If you do, you are just asking for error messages and problems. We can free up some space, but there is only so much you can do. In reality, you need a larger HD or to put things bluntly, start saving for a new computer. It is like you have a 3-Door Hatchback, which is fine to go to a Supermarket, but now you need a 4x4 Truck meant to go off-roading through rivers, mountains and deserts. :) 

You need to be ruthless in culling of your photos. You do not need 75 Raw Photos of your Lunch that were taken 5 years ago, and just sitting on your HD. No emotional attachment to ANY images. Delete-Delete-Delete. Or move things to another HD. I agree with Damien, let's target 100GB Free, or more if possible. I'd download and run Glary and see what it comes up with. Then we will probably need to target a few things individually.

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Hi Brian!

I have a windows HP desktop - I did notice that in reality on my actual computer I dont have very many photos saved - all my photos i save to a backup drive. I did notice however when I went into my Cdrive i had all these saved in there - i was thinking about moving those into an external drive (minus the 2019 that im currently using) because I dont think I need them in there and assuming they are taking up a lot of room?


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They also usually don't take up as much room as you would think.

Did you install and run Glary? What did it find?

You also have a HP computer, so I'm sure there is a bunch of Bloatware that was pre-installed and you have never used and we need to un-install it.

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