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Hi @Damien Symonds, I wasn't sure where to post this question.

Do you have a workflow guide/list (for PS) that we could use until we get into a nice routine? I need to work on that grey aussie pup session asap (meeting the owner next week) and I feel like I'm starting from scratch, so need a bit of guidance. I used to do everything in LR, then just some cloning/objects removals in PS and finish it back in LR again. I am committed to the new way of processing But now I just feel lost without my workflow. Do I do saturation first... brightness or do I remove bits that I don't like? Do you have an article or a class on tools and the best use of them? I have a photo where I said I'll remove the background grassy bit with a path, and now I feel I chewed off more than I can chew.

I'm almost at the end of Layers and Masks class, although it's going in really well, I feel a bit of an information overload. Thanks

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