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wacom tablet and/or pen going a bit crazy

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I've been using my Wacom One for 2 years without issue. I had never changed the nib and it started playing up yesterday, so I switched out the nib, but the issue persists. 

It's randomly selecting things when I'm just hovering nearby, without clicking or touching. So it's selecting things I have no intention of selecting, changing sliders that I didn't mean to touch, and drawing shapes that I didn't intend to draw! Even if I do get it to start a selection or line where I want it to, it won't respond when I touch down and click to release, and just keeps hold of the line and drags it all over the place. 

I've reinstalled the drivers, unplugged it and plugged it back in, changed the nib again and left it out overnight which I saw somewhere on the Wacom site, tried unclicking the hover to select button, and finally I've also reset the factory defaults, and of course restarted the laptop. But nothing is changing this behaviour which is making it unusable. 

Anyone got any ideas what has happened and how I could fix it? 




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