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ACR crash, edits not applied but XMP files are there

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I spent all afternoon editing a bunch of files in ACR - I had a lot open, not ideal but I wanted to copy and paste base edits for consistency. Anyway, I know that's probably why so no lectures please. 

On the 3rd last photo, I got a persistent error message saying 'the operation could not be completed' I couldn't get rid of the dialogue box, nor could I press 'done' to save my work. It crashed out after a bit. When I re-opened Bridge, it looks like nothing has been edited. This is what I was dreading (but expecting). 

Anyway, I did some digging around and I found that there are xmp files for each cr3 which has made me feel a little optimistic -  probably unfounded I guess. The xmp files are between 5kb and 26kb so that implies I think that there is something in there. Am I correct in saying that the xmp files are only created upon editing? 

I've tried to reopen a file, hoping that the xmp would be applied, but it hasn't applied any changes. 


Am I out of luck or is there any way that the edits are stored in there somewhere? I've made a copy of the xmp files before I close down for the night, in case they are temporary files or something. 


On a side note, am I right in saying that Lightroom saves edits as it goes, making this scenario not a risk there? 


thanks for any help! 

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