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Watermark action drop shadow

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I have finally downloaded your web action and am already kicking myself that I didn't do it sooner, I almost have it all set up to duplicate what I have already been doing except for one little pesky drop shadow.
I like the drop shadow so really would like to add it in (as pictured) but can't figure out the best way to do it... I was thinking crazy steps like duplicating the final layer, rasterize, selecting the image, inverting selection, deleting the boarder,  add the fx but then thought it won't work on both portrait & landscape if I did it that way annnd I don't think it was letting me add the effect that way anyway!

  I'm using a static and a variable watermark with a boarder, do you have any advise please?? :o)


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On the variable watermark one, you need to add three steps.


Immediately after Unsharp Mask, you add a Smart Object conversion, and the drop shadow.  Then the canvas size step remains the same, but after that you add a flatten step.

Then the existing Convert to Smart Object happens after that, and the rest of the action runs as normal.

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Perfect, thank you!!
Sorry about the gibberish... it was past my bedtime!

My modified action now adds the drop shadow, has a fixed logo (www.) at the bottom on the boarder and my variable logo.
I do have to hit enter to accept the drop shadow for each image, which is ok as I have to adjust each logo anyway but if you have a tip to cut that out too I'd be happy to I've it a go ;)

Thanks again!!

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