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Measuring screen resolution

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Since I have a new laptop, I was going to measure my screen resolution.  Seems I should leave the RES field blank when I make a new document but I can't figure out how to do that with PS CC2017.

It defaults to 300, so my result is 300.  If I change it to 200 when I make the new document, it is 200.  That's logical.  Either I'm missing something here or I'm just a dimwit.

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That's the article I'm using.  Seems strange that if it defaults to 300, my 1000 pixel length at 100% measure just over 3.25 inches.  If I change it to 200, the length is 5 inches.  I was expecting the length to measure more in the range of 10-11 inches.  My screen res is 2880x1800.  Oh, well.....

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