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I am following your tutorial on whitening eyes.  I do the step with the eye dropper but in CC 2015.5  I am not seeing the channel place to add the difference in individual channels.  Mine looks nothing like your example.  Is there some place else I should be looking to add the difference to each channel? Thank you.

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Okay, just worked on teeth, and had to "paint" some of the spots after clicking with the color sampler.  I had already done your teeth method.  Now in trying to get those stupid little samplers off, I keep adding more (I am option clicking on them with a mac) So now I have ten.  I tried dragging them off the image, that's why they are all over the place. Yikes.

I did a quick mask to highlight the whites of the eyes, and I am now unable to  use the sampler for this process.  It says data is unable to be rasterized or some such thing. I am going to screen shot the error.  In the olden days this would be where I flattened my layers in frustration to get something to work, but I know you don't want that.  You can see I did the spot correction on the teeth in the layer right over the original image.  But I went back to the top of the pile of layers to do the eyes.   HELP!

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 11.25.42 AM.png

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