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  1. Don't see luminance . I do see a detail slider and contrast slider.
  2. I don't know where to go for noise reduction anymore...does anyone know? I have been MIA for a bit!
  3. I want to look at the mask on the full screen,inverted though. Does that make sense? In a lesson you showed how but I forget where specifically.
  4. Hoe do I invert Layer full screen? Forgot
  5. These don't seem to be at 100 percent. I must be losing my mind
  6. I get the marching ants, but that portion of the image does not enlarge to the size you want. I will show you. okay maybe my eyes are going to crap
  7. will submit a sample so you can see. the duplicate is there as well as the scrn shot, but still unable to get the 100%crop. It just crops at the regular size if that makes any sense.
  8. Usually the crop choice is highlighed so you can select it, but it's not!
  9. Haven't been on here in a while. I am trying to do the 100 % crop and for some reason pscc is not letting me. I am sure I have done something wrong. I have my screenshot and duplicate, but not crop. Help Thanks 700 by 700px and marquee tool is selected...not sure of problem
  10. I couldn't find this info, but I am sure it is here. Is there a way to apply the edit of one pic to other pics that are similar. Hope that makes sense. Thanks
  11. I hope I accomplished correctly the WB sheet. This is probably such a dumb question, but do I click on a specific column? I tried all (playing around to see the difference). It's not a real big value difference. If I click on the white, I get a warmer value. As I progress I get a cooler value but not by much. Hope I am on the right track.
  12. not a laser printer...it's true!
  13. I don't have access to an inkjet printer currently to print your WB sheet. Another option?
  14. I don't have access to an ink jet printer presently. What are people using for WB reference if they don't have the proper printer to print Damien's WB sheet.? I have a whibal card, but don't know if that's good to use. Don't want to waste money buying different stuff if it doesn't work.
  15. is there a reason not to use Faststone? not a fan of Bridge layout!!1
  16. It's taken care of and I may have posted this in wrong spot. Feel like I am starting over again. Thank you!
  17. Hi Damien, Trying to get back into the swing of things. I use FastStone as my image browser. I just noticed tonight something strange, When I import an image into ACR from FastStone the color is completely different. I tried several pics and it occurred with each one. My ACR is updated and so is my FastStone. Help! I hope I posted this in the right place. Thank You
  18. It's good...! Thank you!
  19. Used the spot healing brush...it's much better, but I'm still not happy. May have to settle...
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