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  1. i actually figured it out...can you tell me how it looks? The area around his shoulder looks like I need to do something. Thank you
  2. I am cloning out a foot in a pic. I have done the cloning. I feel like a duh, but when I add the mask, it's white. I know I am doing something wrong obviously. Please a bit more instruction...I am sure this is pretty straight forward, but some of us are slow learners!
  3. Sucks...it's all gray! You can where the eyeball is, but I haven't found for entire thing...oh well!
  4. So sorry, but this is driving me crazy. How to I get the layers level a color? Like yours are blue in the video. Probably ridiculous question
  5. Actually, not in that class and I don't see it listed.
  6. Hi Damien, Have done the raw and levels work on these. The lighting was funky on one as you know. Is there anyway to change this to match the other pic. I will post both so you can see them. I am certainly willing to pay for the service. Don't know if I should be posting this here. it's so rare that I am in the photo. 2809 is awesome...2811 lighting so funky
  7. Playing around with the 11;15 cropping width and height. Resolution is left blank. I am doing something terribly wrong because the pic almost disappears and becomes a blur of what I believe to be pixels. Help please...not urgent. Just read your article and decided to play around.
  8. PS CC has changed again. Detail Panel has sharpening, color noise reduction and noise reduction. Where is luminance detail and luminance contrast? I must be missing something. I really hate when they change things. Thank you in advance
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