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  1. Thank you-- I saw that one but didn't recognise it as it was missing the part I am usually linking for. ( The cropping and resizing section.)
  2. Hi Damien, are you updating your basic cropping tutorial? I can't find it in your resources. I was trying to give someone a link to it.
  3. Hi Damien. I am trying to help someone improve the quality of an image they want to use as a desktop screen background. Should they resize to the exact pixel dimensions of their screen? And is the standard sharpening for web practice enough? Also for some reason they say they are saving the image as 24 bit - am I right in thinking there is no advantage to this?
  4. So for normal red patches of skin as covered in the blemishes article ( ignoring the skin class and the handyman method) -- counterintuitively you would use a hue/sat layer with +50 red and +75 lightness -- this prevents it becoming dull I assume.
  5. Does that cover all of what glowy is? is it just the angry shadows?
  6. Yeah, I know I should, but I am not sure I have a complete handle on it -- I see what you mean when the shadows get glowy-- all the eye creases & the like, usually after levels but does that cover it all?
  7. Ok -- now we are getting somewhere --so red isn't just red -- how would you describe 'hot' in this context?
  8. Ok but the question from the original post is still unanswered. When would you choose the +50 saturation +75 lightness settings over the -50 saturation variable lightness settings that I usually use?
  9. I know I could go and check for myself but are these the only 2 adjustment layers you can use for midtone contrast Damien?
  10. I was just trying to direct them to one of your tutorials -- then when I read the two that I thought would help them they recommended two very different methods.
  11. Sorry Damien -- forgot I asked a question! As I said it was someone else's image but here is a crop
  12. Hi Damien, I was just choosing one of your tutorials to recommend to someone trying to deal with some red blotchy skin. I had a read through Dealing with “hot” areas of skin -- and found that suggested turning down red saturation (-50) and to vary lightness as necessary. I thought I had read one where you changed both so I kept looking and found a section in Fixing Skin – acne, scratches, veins and blemishes that dealt with red patches, where the red slider was set at +50 saturation and +75 lightness. I usually start with -50 saturation and +50 lightness so this one confused me. Are they different methods and if so when would you use one over the other?
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