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resize for web confirmation

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Hey Damien, 

I'm in the last stages of workflow and preparing my files to be uploaded for facebook/instagram. I was referring to save for web action. In the Variable water mark, getting ready step, there is mention of

.. "If you’ve never even resized a photo for web before, that’s pretty serious. Please visit me at Ask Damien so I can help you out with that."..

I never resized for web.. (plainly uploaded images sadly..).. but ..  In the Layers and mask class, there is link for crop/resize tutorial ... That is all or there is something else?

May be i'm getting confused but just want to verify..

I want to post image to facebook which allows 720 x 720 px. My cameras aspect ratio (and hence if i don't want to crop anything) .. is  3: 2 (W:H)  Hence.. i want to enter 720 px as width and 480px as hight.. and then i'm done with resize part correct ? 


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There are three standard Facebook sizes.  One is 720, as you mentioned, but it's very small and is rarely used these days.

The next is 960.  It's also smallish, but good and fast to load.

The third is 2048.  This will be sure to fill everyone's screen.  But of course is the slowest to upload, and load for view. Still, it's the most common one that people use nowadays, I think.

Which do you reckon you'll choose?

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Great.  So flatten your layers, then choose your Crop Tool, and choose the "W x H x Resolution" setting in the Options Bar.

Enter "960px" (make sure you include the "px" or it will default to inches or something) in the Width field if it's a landscape photo, or the Height field if it's a portrait photo.  Leave the other two fields blank.

For example, this is my crop tool ready to crop a portrait (tall) photo:


Then crop.

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It is not going well. Since this was taking long time, i kept it on the side. (for a long long time. ). 

All steps are coming well except for Crop step. I want to manually decide crop. When i come to that step, all screen go to black and some color strips like it used to come on very old television sets.) 

when i try to change crop it goes all crazier. Attaching screenshots. This step is killing me. I got all steps in my workflow settled and once this step is done, i'll be able to start posting my pictures to facebook and instagram.

Can you please help ?

Probably not related to this or may be thats the issue, any Crop tool update in photoshop CC ? I don't know if its just me but earlier when i used to draw crop, i could move image or crop just fine, now ... its so annoying .. that i'm thinking to use light room just for the crop feature given how easy it is there and how painful this crop is turning out to be. 




Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.40.29 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.41.02 AM.png

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Figured it out.

There is setting buried in .. "Show cropped Area".  Every time there is update, Adobe takes liberty to update few settings for you ? 

I checked it ... Now i can see picture like i used to see earlier and (for me) it makes much easier to crop image to my liking. 

I still see those crazy color blocks above in picture once in while but I guess its about my laptops processing power or cache capacity. 

Thank you for those steps. 


Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 9.39.50 AM.png

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49 minutes ago, Damien Symonds said:

You MUST check the "Delete Cropped Pixels" box in the options bar.

In that case, we'll lose those pixel rest of the way ? wouldn't that be loss ... i mean .. since this is for saving JPEG for web .. .. this is going to be save as thing and i guess thats why it's ok ? 

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