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Sharpening digital files for clients

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Hi Damien,

First time posting. I am half way through the print sharpening class (haven't ordered test prints yet) and of course now I want to sharpen digital files for clients as I have seen how much better they look  (yes, yes, I know I shouldn't be giving digitals)....

My question is, I have removed all the noise from this image (following your tutorials) as it was a rainy day and shot at high ISO. I have tried to bring back detail by sharpening (following your sharpening for web) but it still looks plastic.  How far can I push the sharpening or would I be better off leaving some noise in to preserve detail and not sharpen?





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Hi - I found this thread (from 2016)! whilst searching how to sharpen client files for digital delivery and it looks like I don't need to sharpen them at all. Hope so as I am sending client files tonight! x


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OK  - so I DO sharpen digital files for delivery to clients.  I have resized the files to 11:15 and left the resolution field blank because I don't know what size they will get it printed.  I get that bit ...but I don't know the sharpening method.  I am working my way through your course but just looking for some advice as I can't access the bonus module until I have sent the test prints off which I can't do until next week.  

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