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Distortion or perspective correction tutorial [Photoshop] article

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Hi Damien - I tried this tutorial for the first time. A  few questions:

1) Does the image look ok following the work I did? Do you think it can look any better? I tried to line up the outside lines with the grid as much as possible and rotated slightly. Then I trimmed per your directions.

2) In your example, you made him appear less stumpy - was the "stumpiness" due to the perspective correction you did? In my image, it didn't look like it had done anything to the girl.

3) Also - is there anything else I need to do before I go on to editing the rest of the image? (i.e. Does it just stay as the smart object to which I transformed it prior to doing the perspective correction?)

4) How do I get rid of the grid lines now?


30-7F3A4954 Tinley P SOOR AD WEB.JPG

30-7F3A4954 Tinley P SOOR AD perspective WEB.jpg

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1) Thank you

2) Sounds good

3) I have and so I will do step 5 (stamp visible layer so I can do my healing, etc.) That article is actually on my tool bar at the top of my screen so I can access it quickly.

4) I'm a dork.

Thanks for your help and for not laughing at me:)

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