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Taking measurements

Image size

The first thing you have to jot down is the size you use for your web photos. When I say size, I mean pixel dimensions – the maximum width of landscape photos, and the maximum height of portrait photos. For most people, those two numbers are the same, but some of you won’t want your portrait photos to be as deep as your landscape photos, or whatever. This is stuff you have to figure out for yourself. If you are having trouble deciding, comment below so we can discuss.

The default sizes I’ve chosen for the action are 720 pixels in both directions, but your requirements will be different. We’ll be changing the action to suit your needs shortly.

Written down your web images’ width and height in pixels? Excellent.

Watermark size

Choose your Rectangular Marquee Tool, and make sure it’s set to Style:Normal in the options bar:


Go to your Info Panel and click on the little + icon, and choose “Pixels” for your units of measurement:


Draw a marquee around your watermark. Make it as accurate as you can, but don’t sweat if you’re out by a pixel or two:


Then look at your Info Panel, and write down the dimensions of the watermark on your piece of paper:


Unsharp mask settings >>

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On 8/15/2020 at 5:51 AM, Damien Symonds said:

Then you'll need to make two actions.

  • The Facebook one will be 2048x2048px
  • The Instagram one will be 1080x1080px

probably stupid question...

I usually export in LR for web by saying width 2048 for FB and width 1080 for LR, then I've been adding my watermark by placing an embedded image in Photoshop manually. I know you'll have at least 2 issues with this fact but let's ignore that for now.... 

I imagined that this specifying only the pixel width was ok for both square and non-square crops, as the pixels would be scaled up to maintain the aspect ratio. Probably completely dumb and revealing my ignorance but would the above same pixel size for width and height not result in "stretched" out pixels in anything other than a square? If not, a simple explanation would be fab

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13 minutes ago, Sunnyaz520 said:

What would you suggest is a good size for sharing them with others via messenger or another app source, not necessarily for posting on social media or uploading to a website... more for phone viewing?

Gosh, great question.  I think 1000px would be ok.

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