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The lighting around my computer

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Hi Damien -  I have a question re the lighting around my computer. I was recently moved from a small room to a much larger room for my computer usage. I'm looking for a light which will be much brighter (and closer to natural daylight) than what I was using. Unfortunately, there are no decent lighting stores around so I have been looking online. A friend mentioned OttLites - she has one which gives three choices for the temperature (3000, 4500, 5700) and five brightness settings.


I took a look at it, and it doesn't seem like it would be bright enough for me to edit in. I saw this on the website and thought it might be better, except it just says natural daylight - it doesn't give the color temp of the bulb for it.  http://products.ottlite.com/p-374-36w-pivoting-shade-floor-lamp.aspx#Description

Are you familiar with OttLite's? I also saw a company called Solux which makes lightbulbs/lamps with specific color temperatures for its bulbs - familiar with those?

I figure since my husband kicked me and my computer out of the room I was using for late-night editing, the least he could do is buy me a new lamp!


Thanks - Jennifer



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Gee, I get really nervous about lamps.  Their light is so directional, and you have to be SO careful about where you position it. Depending whether you hold a print in your left hand or your right hand, might be the difference between it matching your screen and not, if you know what I mean.

Ceiling lights aren't an option?

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