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Capture One for editing

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Hi Damien, 

Between bridge for culling, photoshop for editing, and using light room for file management and portfolio level analysis (like i mentioned here https://ask.damiensymonds.net/topic/23877-combining-filters-for-retrospective-in-bridge/#comment-169559), I'm looking for option to better streamline everything i'm coming across Capture one. 

This video from Kasia Zmokla (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbNWfq8lJ_E is pushing me. I respect her a lot and learned lot from her in early stages (before you) about color and editing as such. 

I do believe that i can still continue using classes (because Capture one got levels) and this membership  (That i don't want to stop ever) with Capture one. screens would be little bit different but i believe this move to capture one will help me a lot. 



I wanted to check with you and also @Brian before i go ahead full fledge. (Currently i'm switching to Adobe's monthly plan from annual, and i intend to do the same with capture one (take monthly subscription to see if this works.)

Appreciate if you'd let me know if you are okay with this.  


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I haven't played with Capture One in years. (I did when it first came out.) From what I've heard, all of the knowledge you get from Damien applies to Capture One, e.g. reading a Histogram, you'll just need to figure out how to apply it. Other than that, you are on your own.

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@Brian To summarize what latest Capture one 23 version is,

1. They removed Histogram flaw (No option for sRGB histogram) from Lightroom,

2. Picked up what is best from Bridge, mixed it with what Lightroom offers. 

3. Read Damien's levels class, kept only what is absolutely needed from photoshop ( Quick mask, spot healing , Levels , channels, Curve, USM). Only absolute thing i couldn't find over there is liquify tool (but i don't use it often anyways and i've portrait pro body to do it) 

4. Realize all of this can be done layers so they got layers on raw file itself. Removing need of PSD file and making it super fast. 

5. Since they had even more to offer, simplified color balance, made it much more intuitive, gave it Captain America serum.

6. If this was not enough, they offered standalone version purchase so if you like Elements and can get out of it, like what Damien does, C1-23 would set you for 10 years saving you ton of money.

 If i don't have to give screenshots of RAW screens and just give SOOR and levels output, Damien won't even know and would probably think Rahul's editing suddenly got better. He could have easily provided same inputs as he does now, and he'd have me as member and i'd continued to improve my photography. I still have long way to go. 

But what do i know ? As Damien said, its "whatever stupid" software. And i don't want to argue with him about this point, and i respect his business decision to not support, I'll be discontinuing my membership as and when they will come for renewal. He made it pretty clear and pretty easy for me. 


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