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  2. Not sure if I can. It's impossible to get through to them on email. When I rang Dell's helpline they didn't even know what a colour calibrator was or what it was for, even though it's up on their own web site. When I mentioned that it was for a Mac, they said in an automaton voice that they only dealt with Dell computers and I would have contact Mac! As I said, the device works on the same computer using DisplayCal, so it seems to be a software problem. Anyway, I'll try to speak to Dell again. Many thanks for your help.
  3. Yes, indeed. I bought new online. I thought it was odd too, because there's no mention of that on their software. It did come in a plain cardboard box, rather than X-Rite packaging. This is what they said in their email reply:
  4. That's odd, I've never even heard of such a thing. Did you buy new?
  5. Many thanks for you reply. Haven't done that but will do this weekend. The calibrator works fine if I use DisplayCal but not with the i1Profiler software. X-Rite suggested that I had a Dell-only calibrator, so the Mac software will not recognise it.
  6. Please come back, @rswannabe! How did you go with this?
  7. Last week
  8. Hi @Graphical, Let's rule out the obvious stuff first. Have you tried running the calibrator on another computer (either Mac or PC, doesn't matter) to make sure it works there?
  9. Hello Damien, Just discovered you web site and it's been very helpful. I've recently bought an i1Display Pro for calibrating my iMac (running macOS Mojave, version 10.14.6). However, the colourimeter is not recognised by the i1Profiler software, although it is visible to the computer. I've tried all of the possible fixes recommended by X-Rite, downloaded all the latest software and restarted my computer a dozen times. Still nothing. The word 'Demo' appears in the Workflow Selector. I once got as far as the 'Measurement' window but nothing happened with I pressed 'Start Measurement'. A yellow exclamation mark and a red question mark appear. It says 'Device ready' in bold, with 'Device not ready' under that. The colourimeter seems to work fine using the DisplayCal software, though the result from that calibration left me with a pretty dark screen. I also contact X-Rite directly. The best they could offer was that my device was for Dell computers only as it had OEM in the serial number. I did buy it from Dell, though their web site included Mac specifications. Is there anything else I can do to solve this problem? Many thanks.
  10. Unlike preparing for normal print, selecting the document size (width, height and resolution), after normal editing what size do I resize too, as the image templates are all different sizes in the photobook software.. And as for sharpening - what radius do I use? Do I use the "cheat method" (two-thrids of the long edge of the album?? - depending on what album size I choose).. Or do I just edit and sharpen the image in its full size? Leave my PSA at 300% (my normal amount).. ???
  11. Of course you don't crop during editing (with photobooks OR regular prints). Edit the whole photo at its full size as usual, then only resize and sharpen when you're ready for the book.
  12. Hi Damien, I've been asked to do a photobook (something like online Snapfish).. Just like when preparing for a specific size of print, do I have to to edit with a particular crop - (width, height and resolution) for creating a photobook file?
  13. I am trying to get through Raw, a lot of it I am familiar from taking the course a few years ago. Just waiting for Summer break to be over to dive in and finish, Next month. Thank you for the link, it's very helpful.
  14. https://www.damiensymonds.net/2014/03/how-aggressively-can-i-crop.html
  15. Thanks Damien! Thankfully the images are pretty sharp. I'm going to take the bridge class as soon as I get through the Raw
  16. As long as the focus was perfect, and you don't need to crop them for composition, you'll be fine. But you'll need to be utterly ruthless when culling for focus. If it's remotely soft, it's gone. Now's the time to take the Bridge Class.
  17. OMG I'm freaking out! My camera changed the Raw setting I shoot to SRAW, which makes the images super small, size 9x14 pixel 2240x 3360. I must have changed it without even realizing at my last session. I have two sessions with these dimensions. Will this be bad if I wanted to print them larger?
  18. Just doing standard masking and feel the settings might be off (flow and smoothing). I feel like it's behaving as if the opacity is low.
  19. Or this one? There are a lot of these programs out there.
  20. Not HDR, but certainly some kind of tonemapping. Maybe something like Lucis Pro?
  21. Is this HDR? I can't figure out how this is done. I'd love to learn this technique. https://www.facebook.com/117286008441590/photos/pcb.1096493507187497/1096482800521901/?type=3&theater
  22. In cases where you can't find any blend modes that you like, you'll need to use Advanced Levels.
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