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  1. Hi jsocrchik, which web browser do you use? May I have a link to where you've uploaded one to Facebook? What about if you upload one here to this forum?
  2. Well, you'll have to check. Open the resulting multi-page PDF file in Adobe Reader, and zoom waaaaay in. The images should go pixely, but the text should remain smooth. Yes, but it's slightly flaky, so make sure you save the PSD master files first. Don't rely on PDF files if you need to go back and adjust your layers.
  3. You've learned several hard and good lessons here. I think this begins in raw. Make your raw edit overall a bit brighter first.
  4. Yes, the only thing I can suggest is making your best attempt with a Levels layer - the black and middle sliders. But for the worst of it, some dodge and burn or even cloning might be necessary afterwards. Remember not to do any Photoshop work until your raw processing is completed. I'm referring principally to noise removal.
  5. I'm so sorry, I'm really flummoxed by this. The only thing I can imagine is that it has something to do with how you made the blank document, right back at the beginning. Can you test it for me? Make a new blank file at exactly the dimensions you require (at 300ppi, I figure). Scribble on it with the brush tool, or something, then save it as a pdf, then open that pdf in Reader and see what the size is.
  6. Well, turn off all the layers, then turn them on one by one. See if you can identify which one is causing the problem.
  7. Oh gee, this is really bad. May I see a closer view of the area?
  8. So, the million dollar question - do you see banding in the photo when you're editing the raw file?
  9. Your original post seems to suggest you have lots of prints to choose from?
  10. I know you already know the answer to this, and just don't want to hear it. Yes, of course. May I see the SOOR of this image?
  11. Just to check, have you browsed the FAQs? The short answer is, if your screen doesn't match your prints, your screen is wrong, no matter how much you like it.
  12. Just to check, you don't crop the master files this way, do you?? 11:15 is only for client jpegs.
  13. That's the link I gave you in the very first sentence of the long explanation post, didn't you see it?
  14. With an extraordinary amount of patience, quite a lot of skill, and a heck of a lot of time, it would be feasible. You'd need to start by copying the Mickey Mouse heads on the string that do have backdrop behind them, and replacing the ones that don't have backdrop behind them. Then you'd have to create a completely new backdrop with a series of gradient layers, then start tediously masking them in. I suggest to you that life is WAY too short for this. Accept a portrait orientation, and move on.
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