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  1. Can you find an example photo of a male portrait in similar lighting to yours? We need to be discussing apples with apples here.
  2. Well, it was because I wanted to preserve the flooring, you know? In the ones in the tutorial, there tended to be only backdrop visible. So I was able to use a plain 100% opacity gradient. But when flooring is present, we generally need the backdrop to fade as naturally as possible into the floor. Am I making sense?
  3. I don't know why your image wouldn't load, sorry. You're right, it's very small. I think it has good potential.
  4. It can't hurt to try. But it's still merely a stop-gap measure until your calibrator arrives.
  5. Oh, I understand now. Are you aware that you're basically making every attempt to sabotage your own photo here? The more you find to be critical of, the less chance you have of producing an image.
  6. This sure is odd. Can you send it to me via this page?
  7. No, it's a problem with the monitor profile. Well, the absence of one. Since there isn't one, I assume various programs are just having to "guess" at how to render colours accurately, and they're guessing differently.
  8. Oh gosh, you must NEVER touch that screen. Back away from it slowly with your hands where I can see them! Seriously, it's horrible. It does not play nicely with calibration.
  9. Sorry, I must have misunderstood your original comment. I thought you said you preferred that arm position?
  10. I'm proud to say that Andrea is an alumni of my Raw and Levels classes. First, have you read this? You say the light is very similar, but in truth it's not. Every degree further back the light source is, the more strongly the skin texture is exaggerated. And of course your subject is likely to have much more skin texture to begin with anyway. Are you at least familiar with dodge and burn?
  11. If we find this to be true - that is, if they actually require you to convert your images to their profiles before sending - then you must run away from them as fast as you can. Sadly, there are still some labs who do this. However if, as Samantha said, the profiles are provided for soft-proofing purposes, this is a good thing.
  12. Hi Stephanie, this is a simple matter of raw processing. Once you get the white balance correct in your photo, then all you'll need to do is make sure it's bright enough for your taste.
  13. No. It might be possible. I think you'd need to swap most of the baby's body, and all of the boy. That would probably be more workable than just a face and arm swap.
  14. Gosh, that's interesting. Have you tried it with both raw and jpeg files? Does it behave the same way in both cases?
  15. Yes, that's the structure of this new home. Any time you have a question arising from anything you read, start your own thread about it.
  16. Make sure you're only using prints from the lab that you will be using into the future.
  17. Because this moire is very mild, it will be sufficient to add a jeans-blue Solid Color layer, set to "Color" blend mode, and mask it on. No need for any fancy Channel Mixer stuff with this, I'm pleased to say.
  18. PLEASE stop saving png files for web. They're grossly overrated.
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