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Lightroom Fatal SQLite Corruption

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Hi, my LR catalog is corrupt apparently.  Its huge. WIn 10 64 bit.

I have a backup - from two days before - there was little extra done.

I copied the backup to another drive and renamed it. It opened OK by clicking on the renamed catalog. I backed that up too.

I get this message about  Lightroom Fatal SQLite corruption any time I attempt to access LR through the LR Icon.

its also attempting to open the original catalog not the renamed one last used.

I have googled the error and the info that came up was way out of my comfort zone.

Any help greatfully received!  

LR 2017 Error.JPG

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I'm not familiar with the error, but if your backup loads fine then maybe you're okay? 


Go to edit>preferences and in the general tab look for "default catalog" and see if you can change it to "Load most recent catalog".  Then it should open the backup catalog if it was the last thing open in lightroom.  You can also move the corrupt catalog to a different location so you have it if you need for some odd reason, but if you don't move it, lightroom will always know it's there.  Or  you can just delete it, again if the backup catalog doesn't show the same corruption.


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I have that setting already Jason - load most recent. 

The backup opened then when i closed it and on restarting that error came back so that copy of the backup was then a dud.

After that I attempted to open other backups - by clicking on the actual lrcat file - no good.

I'm currently trying various dates of backups on my laptop.  Im dark  - I spent hours last week setting up smart collections - they will only be in the last back up.

At this stage Feb 11th works on the lappy

Could be worse I guess-  but so much for the current suggestion going around to forget all folder structure and just use collections - what a disaster that would be!

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15 hours ago, Banksiagirl said:

It's 3.6 G and the previews are 9G Brian

I suspected this. You really don't want your catalog file to get that large. Not only will it make LR slower, if you try to backup your catalog to a Thumb Drive or another device that has a FAT32 Filesystem, it won't copy over or actually could corrupt itself. FAT32 has a 4GB file size limit, but in reality it's more like 3.5GB. You are at 3.6G. 

NTFS on the other hand, which most of us have these days, goes much higher, just under 256TB. That said, I still wouldn't ever go that high for a single file.

In either case, it's one of those "rules" that I stick to, once something gets above 3GB for a single file, I start worrying. Especially a LR catalog. Bad things could happen with a large LR catalog around 4GB.

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4 hours ago, Sue Morris said:

HI Brian - mine has gone over 4GB  so would you suggest breaking it down into a catalogue a year?


Besides, LR has a tendency to get really cranky when the catalog file gets that big. It's good practice to keep it below 3GB at all times. Once you cross that threshold, you start venturing into unknown territory. :)

It's so funny how people get so worked up about having "too many images" on one CF / SD card, but have no issues with having tens-of-thousands of images in a single LR catalog file! Something to think about.

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I finally have my catalog back!  I was able to use the last backup thankfully.

I used LR on my laptop to check - first I set the preferences on its catalog not to open the last catalog used - I was worried that trying the dodgy files may corrupt the laptop catalog.

I opened older backups - I had 4 for February  - all ok and gradually opened the latest backup and it worked! 

That latest backup had problems closing down on the laptop - integrity test failed but LR asked if I wanted it to repair it.  Eventually after much nailbiting waiting it came up with a new good catalog.

When I used a copy of this catalog on the PC I had the same corrupt error so I logged out of CC, unistalled and downloaded again. All good thank heavens!

Now to separate up these images into smaller catalogs.

Thanks for the support! i


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