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  1. Refurbished is fine, as long as you have a source to take it to to get fixed if needed. I do not recommend laptops for photo-editing. Period. But people just won't stop asking, and I'm tired of fighting/ repeating myself. Microsoft Employees wouldn't be doing that sort of thing. Well...it's really hard to believe. Someone from Russia or Nigeria? That I can believe. If you have to pay someone to get your files back, that's Ransomeware. But in your case you didn't seem to pay the thieves, but the Microsoft Support Fee to get your computer back. Viruses are SOOOO 1990's. People rarely get "Viruses" any more. It's more profitable to steal your identity or to lock out your computer and charge a ransome to get your stuff back. Google "Ransomeware" and all sorts of articles will pop up.
  2. Norton and McAfee are the first two programs that get circumvented. I wouldn't use either of them. LOL!! In addition, antivirus programs are subscription based these days. If you don't pay the annual fee to keep it up to date, the database that's within the program becomes out of date, which means it doesn't protect you from anything new. Ransomeware is the new kid on the block. It's not a virus per se, and is VERY easy to catch if you aren't careful. It's good that you aren't using that laptop anymore. Once you get Ransomware, you'll need to format it (completely clear it off) and reload everything. Even then I wouldn't trust it. Ransomeware is really Evil. There is no protection from it. You have to be very careful on what you download, what e-mail you open, even what websites you visit. I will say this, Macs are better at not catching this stuff.
  3. This frustrates me so much when people think this way. The whole "I'm not Tech Savvy," "I'm too stupid when it comes to this stuff..." etc. way of thinking. You have failed even before you purchased anything. Being a hairdresser has nothing to do with your ability to learn. Don't sell yourself short. Take things one at a time. Just think, there was a time you couldn't feed yourself, walk, go to the restroom, write a sentence, etc. You had to learn how to do those things. Same thing goes with a computer. Start small. Read books. Watch YouTube videos...there is just so much stuff out there now these days teaching you stuff for free.
  4. Before buying anything, do you have an Apple Store or a store that has Apple's products on display? Why not give things a test drive? Both on a Mac and Windows Machine. See how easy they are to operate for you. You might like a Mac, or might buy a Windows computer. In either case, I would try both systems out if you can. Then make a decision that is best for you.
  5. Steve Jobs before he died was complaining on how people were still on Macs that were 8 years old. He wanted people in the market sooner. So then Apple decided to cripple the 21.5" from 2012 to present. Apple wants you to "Go Big or Go Home." The really want you to buy that A$3500 model. Not the base one. The expensive one. As for the 5-7 years, that's how long things last before you are out shopping for a new computer. It seems that every 36 months manufactures come out with the latest "Wow!" Feature/Gizmo, around 5 years you think about upgrading to make things go a little faster (more RAM, bigger HD, etc.) At around the 7 year mark, current software requirements exceed your "old" computer. At 7 years, things will "run," but not "run well."
  6. A proper Mac Laptop for photo editing, that would be an expensive MBP. In the US, you are looking at around $3600. Australian, that would be over A$4200. Or more. Which is INSAINE to spend on a laptop Laptops only last around 3 years. Of course there are folks out there that have laptops around the 5 year mark, but around 3-4 years is when things start "locking up," "it's so slow..." Etc. We live in a throw-away society. There is no passing down technology anymore. This stuff is built to get you in the market sooner than later. In addition, they don't use Lead in the solder anymore. So you have crappy solder joints which makes things break so much easier. Things just don't last. I've been a computer tech for the last 23+ Years. The plastics used are SO CHEAP...it's on everything, from computers to printers, to camera bodies to cars, the quality just isn't there like it was 10+ years ago.
  7. OK, believe it or not, this is pretty straightforward. These days, you'll want to avoid the 21.5" iMacs. I know they are less expensive, but Apple really has crippled them and you can not upgrade the RAM yourself and as for a professional to do it, it's pretty complicated. They also use slower components in them as well. For just a few hundred more, you can get a MUCH better setup. That should last you a good 5-7 years. I recommend the base 27" iMac model. For you in Australia that's the A$2799.00 version: There isn't that much of a difference between the A$2799 model and A$3099, except for the Fusion Drive upgrade. A Fusion Drive is a Hard Drive that has a small capacity SSD Drive built into it, which makes things faster to load. Since that's the ONLY difference between the two, it's not worth a $300 price difference.
  8. Good point!! Comfy Chair is a requirement. You want your arse to feel as though it's being coddled by angels. Those type of chairs aren't cheap. Minimum $500.
  9. Another thought... Say your husband is fast and edits 30-50 photos per hour. Ok. Then we are talking money. Quicker turn-around means higher profit. But then since he is a newbie, it's really easy to become sloppy. Especially when chasing the dollar. My advice: He should take Damien's classes and edit your shoots. Start there. Eventually he will "know" when to branch out to others...probably in about 2+ years.
  10. I can tell you that looking at the same person in a few hundred photos becomes mind-numbing. I don't care how beautiful the person might be, cloning out that wart on her eyelid in each photo...ugh. Or smoothing skin / zapping zits / looking at pores sometimes turns my stomach, especially if you are editing something like a wedding. I personally hope that strapless gowns go out of style. Because having to liquify fat rolls and armpits on a bride 500+ times...oh let's not go there. Most people aren't beautiful. They are average looking and never think to have their makeup professionally done. "My Sister / Cousin Friend will do it!! She's watched a lot of YouTube videos and is passionate!!" Uh-huh. Good luck with fixing those mistakes / spray on tan in each and every photo. Think long and hard before diving into the trenches of retouch-up work.
  11. It would be in both of your interests for him to take all of Damien's classes, then spend time on editing (and learning how to edit) your photos. Being consistent and proficient takes time and experience, often years. While Damien's classes are excellent, by no means will you take them and be an instant expert, taking on editing, restoration work and the like. Basically if you have to ask...chances are the answer is "No." There are no shortcuts. I don't care what website or workshop giver tells you. Damien has been doing this stuff for a long time, I think 20+ years. Yes, there is a market, but it's an investment of time. Even if you edit a photo for 3-5 min, after a few hundred / few thousand photos, that time adds up. Let's say 4 minutes per photo... that's 15 photos per hour @ $1.00 a photo. So $15.00 per hour. You have 600 photos from a wedding to edit. That's 40 hours at $15/hr, or $600. $600 for 40 hours of work. You can make more working a part time job. LOL! Oh, let's not forget taxes and things like equipment to buy and electric / internet bills to pay for. So take 40% out of that $600. So you are left with $360, conversationally speaking. Now take into consideration that photo edit / restoration work is piece-work. There will be times when you are overwhelmed and other times you are dead. Combine this with a full time job and it becomes a major time-suck. But wait! I will charge $3 per photo!! I will make more!! Uh-huh. Tell that to the photographer who charges $2000 for a wedding that you want $1800 to edit. They will look at you as if you are nuts. Oh, the more profit you make, the more you pay in taxes.
  12. More info is here, including a link to the manual.
  13. Kodak Brownie Camera on eBay Its $14 Shipped. They were extremely popular and are easy to find. They sold for $5 in 1953, which is around $45 in today's money.
  14. Now it's hard to see the knob on the top, as the photo is kinda blurry. But this camera was EXTREMELY POPULAR in the US in the 1950's. It's the "Canon Digital Rebel" of its day.
  15. I don't need no stinking 100% Crop. It's a 1950's Kodak Brownie Camera.
  16. You are correct @Samantha LaRue. The more crap you have on the Mac Desktop, the slower the thing runs. The Mac OS treats every file and folder on the desktop as an open window. In fact, the fastest way to speed your Mac up is to clear the desktop.
  17. Those spots on the lower left are usually caused by dust on the sensor. Though it could be particles in the lens, my gut is telling my you need to use a Rocket Blower and clean that sensor. For the crack, content aware could work. So could cloning. I've used the patch tool in the past to remove telephone lines in my landscape photos. That diagonal line isn't that much different. It's all the same theory. What lens are you using in this photo? If you need replacement recommendations, be sure to post your question in "The DSLR Bistro" forum in "Ask Brian."
  18. Before this thread, there were 10 posts total. Now there is 15.
  19. I'd use the Epson software to create 24-bit Tiff files and then import them into PS.
  20. I just found this nifty little tutorial for the V700. I'm sure the V800 isn't THAT different: How to scan 35mm slides wtih an Epson V700
  21. The main difference between the Spyder5 Pro and Spyder5 Elite is the software. The hardware calibration device between the two is the same. In fact, you can turn a Spyder "Pro" into a Spyder "Elite" by purchasing the $99 software upgrade. That said, it's cheaper in the long run if you bought the Spyder5 Elite to begin with. The biggest difference with the software, is that the Elite has ALL of the bells and whistles turned on. It's not limited in anyway, all the features are available. In addition, a Spyder Elite has a better time in calibrating multiple displays, so if you are running a Windows computer with dual 24" displays and really want to get them matching as close as possible, then be sure to purchase the Elite. If you are just running a normal single display, chances are the "Pro" is fine. Edit: Since you are running a MacBook Pro, those "Elite" features will not be available to you. The only thing you can adjust is brightness. So as a Mac user myself, the Spyder5 Pro is fine.
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