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  1. Yep, that's exactly what happens. It's very normal. Can you do this for me?
  2. I can't see them, @LaurenG. Can you try again?
  3. The dark and moody colour can be done in Photoshop of course. But the lighting has to be appropriate. I mean, Photoshop can enhance the shadows to make them moodier, but the shadows have to exist in the first place.
  4. So that I may understand the problem better, could you show me a screenshot of the screen while it's slowly loading?
  5. Sorry, I can't see the photo. The link leads nowhere.
  6. It's everything reflection. It's literally the sky and horizon behind you. It's a bit too strong to fix, sorry.
  7. What??? No, of course not. You shouldn't have edited it to look like that!
  8. What the hell??? You posted that photo without my approval? With your cheek looking like that?
  9. Are you certain you resized them correctly before sharpening?
  10. You're still missing the point. In your photo, there is NO light in front of the guy, apart from very vaguely reflecting light. You need to find a backlit example photo.
  11. It's not the same, is it? Do you have one with sky behind the subject? We have to choose the right photo combination, or you won't like what I create.
  12. It doesn't match your photo, does it? In your photo, the subject is entirely in shade.
  13. Ok, no worries. In that case can you find a link to a photo with the same lighting as yours? In shade on a sunny day? Preferably with some sandstone buildings if possible.
  14. Great, thanks. And can you provide an overcast/rainy photo of your own?
  15. Please let's discuss this in class, on a photo-by-photo basis.
  16. No, 120 is too bright. Please follow my exact calibration directions here.
  17. I'm sure I referenced it in the epilogue module of the Bridge Class. Let's start over. May I see your SOOR, straightened?
  18. You NEVER open a jpeg into Photoshop. Ever.
  19. You open the raw file into Photoshop, then you do the straightening as the VERY first step. Before you've even saved it as a PSD.
  20. Then why the heck are you saving as a jpeg?????
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