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  1. Hi Chasity, how many photos has he sent you? If it's more than one, do they all throw this error?
  2. I confess I haven't done this. Do you have a link to info about it?
  3. Regardless of what you might have read, the PPI is completely irrelevant for web photos, and 72ppi, even if it was relevant, hasn't been accurate for screens for many many years. There's no need to change the PPI before uploading here, or to any other website, I promise.
  4. I'm curious, though. Do you really think you'll be adding new layers so often that it warrants its own Wacom shortcut?
  5. Ctrl Alt Shift N, isn't it? That's what it's always been in every version of Photoshop I can remember. Cmd Opt Shift N on a Mac, I assume.
  6. I don't mean to be Captain Obvious, but have you tried simply a Hue/Saturation layer, choosing Reds? I just had a quick play, and +20/-15/+5 seems pretty effective. And shouldn't require painful masking.
  7. Well, it's very easy. While holding the pen, you click on the new layer icon at the bottom of the layers panel.
  8. Sorry, we can't be fooling around with photos that don't belong to us. Do you mind taking a photo of your own glass of water against a white background? Of course. If it's destructive, and you mess it up, you have no choice but to start over. Our goal is always to use sensible methods that can be undone or tweaked at any time, even after closing and re-opening the file.
  9. The previous post you're referring to didn't require transparency, as far as I'm aware. Just a white background. The method you're describing here, for transparency, is really clumsy and destructive. Can you post the original glass photo for me?
  10. That's wonderful. So, can you show me your result close up?
  11. It would be ok as long as you are replacing the sky with another very light sky. But yes, if you were wishing to replace it with anything much darker, it won't work.
  12. Yes, it's my belief that png files are the biggest culprit in this regard.
  13. Yes, I echo Christina's question. It's vital for us to know if the banding was already there in your raw edit, or if your subsequent Photoshop editing introduced it. So if you could go ahead and show us the SOOR, that would be great, thanks.
  14. Yes, over the next few weeks (heck, months maybe!) we'll be harvesting all the great resources from the old AD and turning them into articles on my website.
  15. First of all, congratulations! Is this your first child? Second, do you agree that the best option seems to be to remove his hand altogether? Do you have another photo in a very similar post where his hand wasn't there? Where your elbow was entirely visible?
  16. No, if you intend to repair some of these, you MUST scan in 48-bit.
  17. It's not a gradient, it's a Gradient Map layer. One of the options in your list of adjustment layers. But if you feel like being lazy, just drag my layer across to your file and re-mask it You are very kind. It's a button at the very bottom right-hand corner of damiensymonds.net
  18. Absolutely not. This is a forum in name, but not in nature. It's not intended as a "hangout". It's intended for people to come, learn, then go about their real lives. The www is already awash with "social" places. If the internet was a university, this would be a lecture theatre, not the cafeteria
  19. Can't wait to see how it looks! Can you post for us?
  20. For $35, it might be worth the gamble, I guess. As long as you're fully aware that it is a gamble.
  21. There's not a whole lot you can do, unfortunately. It's definitely true that your best option is a complete swap. But if you'd be satisfied simply with a little colour here, try a Levels layer, and move the middle slider on the Red channel to the right a bit, and the middle slider on the Blue channel to the left a bit.
  22. Yah, I can see those ones!!! The bulletproof way to prevent it is this.
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